DIY Cable Cam

One of my latest projects has been a Cable Cam. A Cable Cam, as the name suggests, is a camera that runs down a zip line. Here is mine:

The trolley is made of

  • 2 Clothes line pulleys
  • A length of 2x2
  • A bolt with washers on it to act as a counter balance
  • A camera holder

The camera holder is made out of two pieces of sheet metal that I bent at school. It allows the camera to pan and tilt.

A 100ft line is stretched between two trees using ratchet straps. A second line is stretched above it to act as a safety line in case the main line fails.

The whole assembly can fit into a backpack. This makes it perfect for location shots.

Currently, you have to drag the trolley to the top of the line and then let it go to get footage. Eventually, I will get an RC car and use that to move the trolley down the line.

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